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pet matted hair remover brush


pet matted hair remover brush


Brand Name: FangNymph
Type: Dogs
Material: Stainless Steel
Color: blue pink
Packing: OPP
Size 1: 17x10cm
Size 2: 16.5×7.5cm



Product Features:

This cat knot removal can be use for all dogs and cats that have fallen off, long and short hair

This pet matted hair remover brush has 17 sharp hardened steel serrated blades, which can quickly and effectively handle difficult-to-handle mats and tangles while maintaining the length of the jacket, without damaging or scratching the pet’s skin.

This pet matted hair remover brush has TPR rubber material handle (better grip and comfort) Round blade tip (safe for skin) Sharp inner blade (easy to cut), 17+9 teeth double-sided head (cut and refine all tangles ) Reassuring material (non-allergenic, non-rusting, non-static) Comfortable grip and non-slip handle prevent wrist fatigue

The pet matted hair remover brush has sparse and dense sides, the sparse head knife effectively removes floating hair, and the dense head knife effectively cuts the dead knot

Suitable for pet skin beauty and daily massage to make your pet skin brighter